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Microsoft launches Visual Studio 12222 for Windows and Mac

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I know there is no visual basic in mac, but is there any other software that similar to visual basic, or I need to boot camp my MBP just only for that thing? Please help, I'm so confused. Ijack Splendid. Jul 30, 7, 0 29, If your course requires VB then you need Windows. Aug 26, 1 0 10, 0. You should check it out, I bet it will work well for you programming course.

Install Visual Studio for Mac - Install

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Download and installed Virtual Box. Then purchase a copy of Windows. I highly recommend also purchasing upgrade RAM of the highest grade. Windows will run at the same time Mac OS runs. VirtualBox was developed by Sun Mcirosystems as freeware.

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Oracle bought Sun Microsystems and erased the brand name; however, left VirtualBox development continue. I have used it for two years with great performance. If your budget can handle it, I also highly recommend replacing the low grade hdd drive from Apple with a WD Raptor hard drive, which will also increase the performance on the Virtual Windows machine. Post thread.

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