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To make sure your document is breaking in the places you want, always make sure your new section begins on an odd page. You can easily see this in two-page view in Word. If it's breaking on an even page, enter a manual page break Ctrl Enter on the page before. If you want to see true double-sided, save the document in PDF format.

In Adobe Acrobat ver. You will see your page 1 by itself, followed by page 2 on the left and 3 on the right. I have spent a humungous amount of time trying to find the right answer by trying different section breaks, finally hitting upon the Odd or Right Hand section break solution set forth above.

I had the whole page novel laid out, looking real nice with sequentially changing headers for different chapters, with the first page of each chapter being the right hand page, and different page number styles using lower case roman numerals for the introductory pages, and arabic numbers for the main text. Which worked fine, as long as the last page of a chapter ended on a left hand or even numbered page.

At this point I needed a half blank page. There are two kinds of blank pages in Word and when you are looking at a lot of pages the eye sometimes becomes weary and fails to note this: 1 the back side of a page with printing on it, which is a half page, and 2 a full page front and back.

Word can do either, provided you enter the right kind of section break. Which is another long story and not the point I want to make now, a point for which I have no answer. So I continue.

D1320 one-sided printing on mac

So as to not lose my work, after I had gone thru pages for the 10th time because every time you change the page sequence at the beginning, the whole document changes and headers and footers go crazy , I made a copy of my novel and worked on that. Problem solved. It printed fine. So then I went back to the original, because I had lost some header and footer settings in working on the changes on the copy, and made the odd page correction above. But lo and behold, now the original document would not print! And I have gone crazy trying to find out why. The best advice I can give is one I read months ago.

Bite the bullet and hire someone who knows what they are doing.

Can't do duplex printing! | Adobe Community

This has a dramatic effect on headers and footers when the blank page is removed. You can disable this and use section breaks instead. Not sure what happens when page is deleted and section break is removed however. The secret is that as you open the print preview, the back side of the first page is displayed next to the first page, and then jumps from the right side of the screen to the left as you scroll down through the print preview. Once you're used to it, you may find that you prefer to see both sides of your first page when you open a print preview. The layout is reversed in the Two Pages view but is shown well even page on the left side when showing Two Pages in the Preview mode.

Of course, editing is not possible in this mode, unfortunately. Word tries so hard to be a document layout application and comes up short with every version. Showing the correct 2-page spread reading view in 2-page view is only logical, but logic has hardly been a guiding factor in Microsoft Office development.

What you can do in Word is have a Page 0 if your page numbers are 1, 2, 3, If your document starts on page i or a , insert a Section Break Next Page at the top of your document, go into the header of the now second page your first page and turn off Link to Previous and do the same for the footer probably not necessary, but better safe than sorry.

Still in the header or footer of this second page: edit the Page Number Format to Start at i or a.

How to Print Double-Sided on a Mac

Now go to the header of the first dummy page and edit the Page Number Format to 1,2, Cylindric Without the numbering Starting with 0, inserting a blank page will throw off numbering even though the pages will be viewed like a spread, and you'll have to remove the blank page 1 before updating TOC, cross-references, etc. Only remembering to print from page 1 is better than all those other steps.

A simple but incomplete answer: Use a print range of "2-". Unfortunately this doesn't print the first page, but everything else is perfect. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Steven Kryger May 26, at pm. Gordy June 5, at pm. Please ask the developer for a universal version of the application. Gabasham June 26, at pm.

Shawninch3 July 6, at am. Jim Burki August 26, at pm. Suzanne September 14, at pm. Guest September 16, at am. Gorenzfamily November 16, at pm. Sarah November 27, at am. Absolutely brilliant…. Andreana January 19, at am. Wamblo January 24, at am. Anonymous January 31, at am. Thanks so much for this link, it was exactly what I was looking for! David Syner May 10, at am. Fannagreen May 30, at am. I, too, am wondering where the print selections are. Did you receive an answer? Ian Alwayn June 12, at pm. Minerva42 August 2, at am. Apeboy March 19, at am.

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Daniel August 22, at pm. Cindy Wagner October 31, at am. Jed November 22, at pm. Sandy Corry December 28, at pm. Thank you SO much. You are installing the same driver, just using a Jet direct port, which doesn't have SNMP to get in the way. The Error clearly states the issue is the Xerox Features module, which pulls the printer options Trays, stocks, Finisher.

If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?

Since it happens in MS Office, we can assume it is because the application itself is pulling that data to prefill the MS print options outside of the driver. And since Apple has disabled bi-di calls from a thrid party within an application exactly the scenario here within It is safe to assume that is the issue here. You can't lose features unless you choose Airprint not capable of features or accidentally get installed with the Generic PS ppd.

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I'm kind of glad that the issue didnt work as I wouldnt want to have all of our Mac users take these extra steps to map printers from our Windows print servers. You really should have mentioned you were printing through a Windows print server in the first place.

Duplex Printing - 2nd page is printing upside down!

But the following is one of 4 declined spars for the same type of issues when printing From a Mac, through Windows, to a printer. Xerox does not support the following configuration: an LPR connection between a Windows print server and a Mac client. This occurs because Windows server cannot resolve the communication being sent from the Mac client.

The reason the Windows server cannot resolve the communication is because the information sent from the Mac is meant for a printer and not a Windows OS. We have what I think may be the same problem "XRChoiceFeature was deallocated while key value observers were still registered with it. We are not going through windows.

We are printing directly to the printer. The document actually prints but the pages app terminates. I tried changing to a hp jetdirect as suggested including a reboot but that did not fix the problem.

Using Mac print presets for single-sided documents

Below is the problem report. Any thoughts? Pages Version: 5. Application Specific Information: Crashing on exception: An instance 0xaa of class XRChoiceFeature was deallocated while key value observers were still registered with it.